Society of Tempera Painters

The Society of Painters in Tempera was founded in 1901 by Lady Herringham and by a group of painters whom a study of the Book of Cennino Cennini had inspired to a quest for better craftsmanship.

The declared Object of the Society was "Improvement in the art of Tempera painting by the interchange of the knowledge and experience of the members." (John D. Batten 1925) In 1997 The Society of Tempera Painters was established following the decline of the original Society.

What is Egg Tempera

Egg tempera is a painting process that uses egg yolk to bind pigments. The artist must manufacture the paints him or herself by the simple process of mixing finely ground pigment, water and dilute egg yolk.

The paint is then applied in a method where the optical laws of egg tempera are obeyed thus the unique surface of egg tempera will be achieved. In addition to making the paint the artist has also to prepare the ground on which to paint. This usually comprises of a rigid support covered with a suitable ground usually a water based glue gesso.


Since the 1990's the Society has been run by just a handful of folks and in all honesty we are all 'burned out'.
We all earn our crust by painting and the day to day running of the society does take up quite a bit of our valuable time.

We have attempted to restructure the society with a view to simplifying matters however that solution has proved unsuccessful.

We, as the 'board' members', will continue to provide this website and forum in order to maintain a cohesive exchange of ideas and thus support any budding new tempera painters.

We extend our appreciation to the continueing work of the experienced tempera painters on this site and their input in the forum.