Egg Tempera used in Fresco painting

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Recently, I took a wonderful bon fresco workshop taught by George O’Hanlon the owner of Natural Pigments. While I’d first taken a workshop in fresco ten years ago, the depth of knowledge and expertise that George brings to the medium made the experience a very rich one. I’d heard of “al secco” painting in fresco, […]

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Egg tempera paint… :)

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Tempera Questions and Answers

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Four tempera related questions were posed to our members and several have responded. The shared knowledge of our fellow tempera-ites helps us to develop as painters, so many thanks to those of you who share what you’ve learned over the years.  In fact, there are about 120 cumulative years of egg tempera experience contained in […]

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The Society Of Tempera Painters Upgrades Website

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As the Society moves into its 13th year, the board would like to thank the members for your interest in this wonderful medium, and for your support of the Society’s efforts to champion egg tempera. We are deeply appreciative of the numerous friends we’ve made along the way, and all that we’ve learned from our […]

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