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Conversation Between jim and Dennis H
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  1. jim
    05-08-08 03:00 PM
    dear dennis,
    i'm hopelessly lost about posting private messages, so here goes something you won't see for awhile. again.
    it was the whatzitz house, not athica, and it was a painting involving a guru on the floor and what looked like you standing next to him.
    as for the wife's suggestions, i am reminded of a painter friend of mine whose wife tells me, if he would just listen to her advice about what to paint, he could sell all of his paintings, because she knows what people will buy. of course, he doesn't listen. (of course, her taste runs to thomas kinkade) but in any case, his judgment can't be too bad, because he's made his whole living selling art, for 50 years now.
    my own judgment about what to paint tends to use different guidelines and a great deal of what i turn out i know perfectly well is going to be in my storage area for years to come.
    i would be delighted to sit down and talk over a bottle of wine with you, at any point in the future when we can manage it. and perhaps you wouldn't mind if my glass of wine turned out to be a cup of coffee. (but the wife, who also makes painting suggestions, will help you knock it out().
  2. Dennis H
    23-06-08 01:09 PM
    Dennis H
    I hadn't noticed that you posted a visitor message to me on the forum. My apologies for the slow response. Thank you for your comments about my painting. I suppose that was the work at the Lyndon House juried exhibition, not Athens Institute for Contemporary Art (ATHICA). I was in a couple of shows in Athens around that time.
    I don't know, there's probably a specific narrative impetus to my images, but it's probably not too important to hear it... Maybe we can talk one day over a glass of wine! Some of the subjects come out of personal history, others are, for lack of a better description, poetic doodles. My wife tells me that I should try to make more images that other people besides me might like. She has a point.
    I hope to meet you in person before too long. Best wishes,
  3. jim
    05-06-08 12:50 PM
    dear dennis,
    i saw your tempera painting last month at the contemporary art center in athens, in their members' group show. i had hoped to see some of your tempera pieces in atlanta several months before, but had been tardy and missed them. so i was glad you had a piece still on exhibit there in athens.
    looking at the subject matter of the painting, i was curious about your choice of the two characters depicted, one being you, the other being an indian swami or mystic, and i was curious about the motivation of juxtaposing them and what kind of meanings in this image you are aware of.
    it's always interesting to hear what an artist thinks about theiir own work, no matter how misguided they may be.
    glad i finally saw your paintings.

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