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Conversation Between Salamander and mona
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  1. mona
    30-01-12 05:54 AM
    Hi Eric, just saw your message. I guess it's just been another period of inactivity; it seems like posting is going okay rt. now.
  2. mona
    24-11-10 12:01 AM
    Hi Eric, yes, I think at least in part it's because the recession has hit a lot of us hard, myself inclusive. Egg tempera is a slow medium too, so I don't know if perhaps some feel like they must abandon it for the practicalities of acrylic and such in tough times, but a few folks also stopped painting for a while.

    Don't give up on the egg tempera forum, I think it's still the best on the topic, but there is also the discussion column open over there at Facebook on Egg Tempera Painters. I seem to be the only person that sometimes posts a topic there, and tried to encourage others to post, but maybe not everyone really spots that it's there and that it works just like other forums do. I don't know if that part is public or if so, if that inhibits anyone.


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