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  1. jim
    08-08-09 01:37 PM
    this is it:

    up to this point i have worked on canvases as large as 6x8 feet and with any luck at all, i will never work on a larger one. should i ry to stretch a bigger canvas than that, my wife has instructions to have me locked up down at the local psycho ward.

    best wishes,

    from the wife: i plan to be renting him out at the psych ward to do a wall mural.
  2. jim
    08-08-09 01:36 PM
    the microcrystalline wax gives the added benefit of being soft enough to allow the canvas to be removed from the stretchers and rolled up for shipping or storage. this is an exceptionally good benefit for long-range exhibition. should you ever be interested in trying this fairly new technology, we would be delighted to send you the websites of the sources we use to get the waxes. my understanding is that regular beeswax, tho a wonderful painting medium, is not flexible enough to sustain the rolling up of the canvas.

    from the wife: do you heat your wax tempera to fuse the layers? do you polish the finished piece for the gentle gloss of the wax? i'm not sure you can buff up wax if you haven't heated it. i don't have any luck with doing that on my encaustic pieces.

    one more post
  3. jim
    08-08-09 01:35 PM
    once the canvas reaches a certain stage of development with this glue tempera, what stage is anybody's guess, then i begin working with layers of wax based paints. the medium in this case being microcrystalline wax diluted in mineral spirits into a paste and then mixed on the palette with whatever appropriate dry pigments i'm wanting to use.

    this encaustic can be applied with brushes, palette knives, fingers. if you thin it down with enough mineral spirits, you can even spray it out of a bottle with a mouth-blown atomizer, or spatter it with a toothbrush, or shlock it on with rags. once you have made the painting as bad as you think you can make it, then after a day or so's drying out of the mineral spirits, i like to use a heat lamp on all the wax surfaces to slightly melt the wax enough to get all the layers to bond well.

    a day or two later, you can polish the surface to a beautiful finish with a soft cotton rag.

    (boy this cutting things up is tiresome)
  4. jim
    08-08-09 01:35 PM
    but the really interesting new developent for me is the use of stretched canvas. once the canvas is stretched and sized with a coat of rabbit skin glue, i do a drawing in charcoal or colored dry medium, such as conte crayon or pastel. i can spray this drawing with a very dilute coat of shellac and alcohol to fix it so that the pigments do not blend in with subsequent paint layers and lose their definition.

    then i begin developing the image in color (or monochrome if that's what gets into my mind) in various mixtures of dry pigment, mixed in a small can with rabbit skin glue. you can do it on a very small palette if you are working on a small piece, but if you're working on a very large canvas, 3 or 4 feet or larger, working out of a little metal can, such as my cat food comes in, works really well, as the rabbit skin glue begins to gel up, you just set it in a pan of boiling water for a couple of minutes and it thins right back down.

    more to come
  5. jim
    08-08-09 01:34 PM
    hey jeff, another thing or two. this is the waxeggoil site. we noticed, in your page on portraits, that the second to last portrait - the guy (you?) in purple shirt - when you click on it the link takes you not to a larger picture, but some webhosting place that tries to capture your computer. this is probably not what you wanted. from the wife.

    from jim:

    in regard to the tempera and wax combinations, especially in regard to larger scale works, i have this past year thought up some procedures that seem to me to be based on a common sense approach to paints. in conjunction with new information i received from internet reading in the past year. the process i'm currently using could be done on either stretched canvas or panels, in my case, braced masoninte panels.

    more to come next message. stupid message length rules.
  6. jim
    08-08-09 12:53 PM
    hey jeff, we just looked at your website. you asked for criticism - here's one. could you possibly turn the grey text to black? it's hard to read.
    thanks, blind wife.

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