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mona 01-07-11 05:03 PM

Just a peek-detail from a portrait in progress

Hi all, haven't inserted an image in a while, so hopefully I did this right... Here's a scanned detail from an egg tempera still in progress which I've been working on over a period of time for my spiritual portrait series. The full painting is 19 1/2" x 15 1/4", and you can see the full image as it progresses on one of my blogs at

Drizzle Drazzle 03-07-11 06:52 PM

Rather stunning so far. Honestly, this is a WIP? The hair and lips are awesome.

Edit: same with the flower petals, I couldn't imagine them being dialed in any closer than they are.

Salamander 08-07-11 12:32 AM

Nice Mona!

mona 14-07-11 04:29 AM

Just a peek-detail from a portrait in progress
Thanks guys. As you can see on my blog if you scroll down, this is just a detail from the most finished portion of a larger painting. The background needs some smoothing out, and there is more to do elsewhere in the painting. There will also be more rose petals in the overall piece.

mona 04-11-11 03:38 PM

Just a peek
Still adding petals for the feeling of a 'shower of petals', and changing some things at the bottom of the panel, but further into it, so here is another view:



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