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arbrador 28-08-03 04:33 AM

Chinese White
I have read that Chinese White is available as a prepared watercoler and is a more opaque version of Zinc White. Does anyone know more about "Chinese White"? I'm also interested in hearing which whites ET artists are using these days. Thanks!

hisstah 28-08-03 04:51 AM

Chinese white is the same thing as zinc white--ZnO--zinc oxide. It was first introduced as a watercolor pigment in 1834 by Winsor and Newton under the name 'Chinese White'.

I like to use titanium white in my egg tempera. I've also used white lead, but you need to be very careful with that. :)

RobM 28-08-03 03:38 PM

You finally got here Lora!
Titanium white all the time

Dennis H 28-08-03 08:52 PM

I had always seen zinc white (gouache) referred to as Chinese White, when dealing with watercolors. I don't think I've ever seen the raw pigment called that. It was always prepared and tubed.

I use both zinc and titanium in my tempera mixes. If I'm painting a pale glaze of semi-opaque color, I prefer to use zinc because of its transparency. If I need the color to pop out a little more emphatically or if I need to make single-stroke light colors, I'll use the more opaque titanium. I also find the so-called "buff" or "unbleached" titanium very useful.


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