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gbrauck 25-08-05 10:10 PM

critique my art
Hello, I was looking for a critique of this image done in et. Interested in feedback.



alexgarcia 26-08-05 01:45 AM

Nice work. I llike the richness of the color and the expression on the face which adds another level of enojyment to this work. I particularly like the way you captured the light on the side of the face and shoulder.

I also really enjoyed your other work, very nice. Thanks for sharing.

PhilS 27-08-05 12:57 PM

I'll second Alex's opinion: very nice work, Greg! It's very rare to see a portrait that comes off as natural and spontaneous, but you've done it. Is this your first tempera? The image is a little too small to see the brushwork (tempera paintings really need to be seen in real life...) but it looks like you have done a masterful job.
I enjoyed the rest of your gallery.
Welcome to the forum!
p.s. I'm working on a portrait of my fiance right now. My friend tells me I'm either very brave or very stupid. It's coming out well, but it hasn't been easy.

27-08-05 08:13 PM

Thank you both for the kind replies. I have been in a bit of a slump lately. Too much work and not enough time to be creative. I am happy I found this web site. Maybe it will help inspire me to make the time for my art. My life is so BUSY!
Thanks again....


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