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Salamander 26-08-06 01:33 AM

painting a day
I know it's not egg tempera but have any of ever checked out / subscribed to Duane Keiser''s painting a day?
The videos are great as well.
Eric in Oceanside

Rosemary 26-08-06 05:08 PM

Thank you!
This is an amazing lesson in DIY marketing. His work is superb and the video enchanting, but what is most impressive is the integrated marketing!

Thanks for posting this! I know a painting a day would not work in ET, but perhaps one a week? The discipline to really produce the work is what gives us the growth as an artist and this guy has discipline!

Dimitris C. Milionis 31-08-06 08:36 AM

found this very interesting, but is it art ?

I like the way the guys using marketing tools to communicate via the net

Salamander 01-09-06 02:02 PM

Why do you think it might not be art?

Dimitris C. Milionis 01-09-06 04:27 PM

this brings up the greatest classical question

what I saw was small paintings of items painted by demonstration (actually the demo was good)

are they good quality decorative arts
are they good quality paintings
are they fine art

because one learns over time the craft of the trade in their own form of personal expression; it does not mean he is a master artist or that the products produced are of museum or up town fine art gallery quality.

you might say at this point that one paints for pleasure or one paints for a dame buck to buy cheap coffee and make the days painting

but then again we all know after years on the market that every "art/painting" product can find its temporary master (owner) in time to enjoy* its existence on the wall or invested in the safe of a private banking portfolio

*the artwork

so if its a painting is it automatically labeled "art"

its kind of funny cause today a cheap art importer merchant that imports Van Gogh; Picasso; Modigliani; Pollock; Leonardo da Vinci; Munch etc etc told me that his paying to much for painted quality full size oils copies. I asked how much and he states $4.00 each for a 22 foot container straight from china!

so wy are they not good paintings.

Salamander 02-09-06 02:45 AM

You ought to subscribe to his painting a day.... you get to see a 'painting a day' mkore or less.
He's quite good. I'm sure the discipline of doing a painting a day can't help but refine one's painting skills. I also think his portrayal of the little things in our everyday life speaks for a lot.

Dimitris C. Milionis 02-09-06 07:06 AM


I will take your advice!

And I am sure I will learn a trick or two.

and thanks for the link!

Dimitris C. Milionis 02-09-06 07:25 AM

Got to admit the guy has allot of nerve showing us his secrete Cigar Box 8-)

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