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Vit86 24-11-09 06:20 PM

Color mixing
Hello Everyone

I have a basic question for anyone who would be kind enough to answer. When you are mixing colors, do you mix the colors in their paste form to achieve the color desired, or can you mix a color after the medium has been added to the pigments?

See I am a traditional oil painter, and when I need to mix a flesh tone for instance, I simply mix the colors on my palette that are necessary to achieve the desired tone. However when it comes to tempera, I am not sure one can mix colors, the way I described above, after the pigments have had the egg medium mixed in. Or if one has to mix the desired color before the egg medium is added.

I hope I explained my question clear enough.

Thank you for your time and opinions.

PhilS 25-11-09 01:58 AM

Hello Vit,
I have small glass bowls (ramekins) arranged around a flat, white ceramic dish. I mix up my colors in the bowls; half pigment paste, half egg yolk, (with some adjusting), then blend the colors on the white dish. I may make a puddle of blue, for instance, on one end and a puddle of white on the other and mix up neutral tones between the two. I keep the bowls covered while I work so they won't dry out. Eventually the paint will dry or be used up in the dish, so I wipe it clean and start over.
If I'm doing a large area, such as a sky, I will mix up a range of values in separate bowls (i.e. dark blue, dark/medium, medium, medium/light, and light). I used to refrigerate the unused pigments, but mostly now I clean out the bowls and start fresh each morning.
Long way of saying, yes, I mix up the colors after tempering with egg.

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