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StephenJT 13-04-11 05:24 PM

Vanishing Point - Crow/Old house for critique
Hi. I have finished my first ET.
It measures 24" wide and 20" high. Please supply me with any advice and constructive criticisms.
I should mention the photo on the left was photographed inside under studio lighting (very warm) and the one on the right was photographed today on a bright cloudy day which is much closer to the original.

Salamander 15-04-11 02:23 PM

lookin' good

StephenJT 15-04-11 02:32 PM

Thanks Salamander! Now the fun begins.


vermillion9 15-04-11 09:22 PM

It's beautiful! It reminds me of Lovecraft: like there is more going on than initially meets the eye.

StephenJT 16-04-11 12:11 AM

Thanks Vermillion. What is Lovecraft?


vermillion9 16-04-11 02:58 PM

Sorry, Stephen, I tend to assume everyone is familiar with HP Lovecraft. He is an author of, well, I guess you could say psychologically-spooky short stories. It is the sense of tension and mysterious undercurrents to your painting that made me think immediately of Lovecraft's style of writing. I wonder what has happened, and what will happen, beyond this small snapshot you have taken of this scene. In other words, it is thought provoking.

StephenJT 16-04-11 03:34 PM

Ok, now I understand. I totally can see your point. There is a lot going on in the painting as I was trying to depict the passing of time and space.

The title Vanishing Point is telling the story of how thing are passing by, but also the main layout of the painting is that I developed it on a perspective grid with a strong vanishing point on the right to which all the elements are heading towards.
Such is the same in life; we are all heading toward some point in our lives, wether it is a good point or a bad point.

Stephen Thompson

mona 02-05-11 06:22 PM

Vanishing Point - Crow/Old house for critique
Beautifully done Stephen. It does have a very narrative quality, like a scene from a story. It reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", only after they have come and gone, that feeling lingers! :-)

If I had any critique at all, (and it may well be just personal preference) I would have liked a little more differentiation in color hue between the road and the old house, perhaps a warm tone cast across the road for example, to integrate it more with the sky. Great painting either way however.


StephenJT 02-05-11 06:36 PM

Hi Mona. Good point. Perhaps a glaze/scumble of an Umber/Ochre mix.
Good call.


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