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vermillion9 21-04-11 09:41 PM

Jeez, I'm so nervous!
After much debate, I have decided to be brave and post my first ET attempt. Please be gentle!! I have had zero art training and (this is important!) I am over come with joy that the animal is recognizable as a mammal!! OMBob, did he give me all kinds of trouble.

I have two pics here - the actual colors are somewhere in between what is shown. I blame my lousy camera. And, you can't tell, but the little white dots, in combination with the gold leaf, sparkle. They really do. Wow.

ET and gold leaf on smooth Bristol paper @ 6.25" x 3.75"

MatG 22-04-11 05:44 PM

No need for the nervousness. It's a lovely painting. I'm not sure what your ambitions are for this, but I could see reproductions of it being popular.
Great detail, nice design, and I believe you about the sparkles. Good work.

vermillion9 23-04-11 02:52 PM

LOL! My ambitions were to learn how to lay flat color, improve my outlining skills and create a balanced design. I think it's pretty cute and it looks even better in its frame where it will stay until cured enough to polish.

MatG, thank you for the positive feedback. I like it but can't tell if it's just because I have invested time in it (and, therefore, need it to be "good"). The experience was a fun one and I learned a lot.

My hat's off to Koo - rabbits are certainly little buggers to paint.

Santana 24-04-11 05:08 PM

I'm far from being able to criticize a work in tempera. But I think it is very well done, with a well established graphic design and delicate colors. Congratulations.

mona 02-05-11 05:42 PM

Jeez, I'm so nervous!
Beautifully done, nice design component, and in the application of gold leaf is lovely. Are you indicating in describing the sparkle that the dots are gold or silver leaf too?

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