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PennyL 12-05-11 07:20 PM

My very first attempt at ET
I'm a bit nervous about this, as it's the first ET painting i have done and it was a massive leap from oil to this. I have (if it works) also included an oil painting of the same subject to be able to compare the two. I'm not totally happy with it, it feels quite frozen compared to the oil but I guess i'll just keep practising.


mona 13-05-11 06:24 AM

My very first attempt at ET
Both of these are lovely Penny, and very well done as your first ET! What a great idea, too, to post a comparison piece you've done in oil - it informs both paintings to see these two together.

Getting accustomed to blending with egg tempera takes a bit of time to get used to and is built up over many thin layers of paint, but you are already well on your way to getting a nice feel for the medium. You can also see from these two how egg tempera allows for refinements that are harder to make happen with oil. Keep going!


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