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jpohl 25-06-11 10:58 PM

art books for the kindle
I just received a kindle for my birthday. Are there any suggestions as to good books, especially art books I can find for the kindle? I think I may be able to see images a bit better on an ipod or ipad, but I can borrow one now and then. Too bad I can find a copy of that 600 dollar book of Prudhon's sketches for the kindle.

all the best, Jenny. :smile:

Alessandra Kelley 27-06-11 01:20 AM

Unfortunately, because Amazon charges publishers a fee for Kindle books with lots of illustrations, there's a pressure against illustrated Kindle books (it takes a cut based on file size, and images drive up the file size real fast). They do have books about art, just not the illustrated kind, mostly. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

jpohl 27-06-11 03:00 PM


Thanks for replying. I did find one book on egg tempera. It's funny the pricing for some things. You would think it could save students a bundle and a lot of back pain, but apparently they are still charging a fortune for text books for the kindle. it's a great way to read the classics thought. I came across a thing called a magic catalog with a listing of thousands of free classics. There were books of a few artists works for less than a dollar (Picasso, Van Gogh etc) and anything on the kindle will show up on the ipad or ipod. Maybe they'll expand to more art books in time. I couldn't find a good arts magazine, but notice Justin Bieber (sp?) had his own monthly magazine. ( : ... too funny.

There may be a lot of older text on art though Audio makes more sense while I'm painting, but it's nice to give the right side of my brain a bit of a work out with the written word now and then.

For now it seems beautifully illustrated art books are better in real world format. It would have been nice to have more access to them, but maybe that door will open in time.

DLH 27-06-11 05:36 PM

I'm with you on the audio book thing Jennifer. Painting is about the only activity I engage in that leaves my mind free enough to follow a story.

Librivox has hundreds of public domain titles read by volunteers. Some of the regular "readers" are wonderful actors. I especially like Elizabeth Klett. She does a beautiful reading of Edith Wharton's. House of Mirth, as well as many others. The P.G. Wodehouse stories are a hoot.

Alessandra Kelley 18-07-11 02:56 PM

The pricing of Kindle books is definitely weird. If you hang around kindle-themed forums, you hear all sorts of theories as to why. I think publishers are wary of e-books and are trying not to undercut their physical book sales, so prices for Kindle versions of the books are ridiculously high, given that they're only small electronic files with no physical existence.

I just pulled a book from Amazon's bestseller listing: George R. R. Martin's "A Dance With Dragons," published by Bantam. The hardcover is $14.25. The kindle version is $14.99. This is about typical. Even my husband's physics book, from the University of Chicago Press, is $12.48 in paperback and $8.80 for the Kindle.

All the major publishers raised their Kindle prices last year and have kept them artificially elevated ever since.

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