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Bill Rietveldt 17-07-11 07:22 PM

Hello from Washington State
I haven't visited the site or painted for way too long. I'm starting two new paintings and getting back to another - I hope to share them soon.
Any other members from Washington State out there? I would love to hear from you!
I work at a museum in North Central WA and have contacts with some other venues to display work. It would be great to get together an exhibit of Washington Egg Tempera Painters!

Alessandra Kelley 18-07-11 02:16 PM

Hi and welcome. This is a pretty slow and quiet board (niche medium, I suppose). People do check in, but there don't seem to be that many of us worldwide. Good to have you here.

Bill Rietveldt 18-07-11 09:39 PM

Thanks for the welcome or re-welcome I guess.
Do you know of any Washington Egg Tempera painters?
I've sort of been winging it with et painting - would love to watch someone who knew what they were doing - or take a workshop.

MatG 01-08-11 04:48 PM

Bill: Welcome!
I look forward to seeing your work, and hope to stay encouraged enough to get through the paintings you've started. There's a huge amount of great information here.

Silver Lining recently posted a link to a Seattle gallery that focuses on Northwest artists, and three of them work in tempera.
Silver's post:

The gallery (artists are Cummings, Graves, and Tobey):

I'm not previously familiar with these artists, but it looks like Cumming is the only contemporary, still-working artist in this group of three.

As mentioned, things here are slow, but extremely supportive and there's an enormous amount of knowledge available.
All the best.

northwestegg 28-08-11 11:24 PM

Hi, Bill! I'm Beth, from Bellingham. Nice to see another WA stater on here :)

VK 25-09-11 04:50 AM

Hi Bill,

Welcome. This board is a complete treasure trove and helped me tremendously.

I'm from Seattle and used to do more pure egg tempera before but the last few years have been all over the place. I do not show my work anywhere (not anywhere near as good) but you can check the ET works here (

mona 03-12-11 05:23 PM

Hello from Washington State
Hi Bill, welcome! Hi VK, I'm a follower of your blog. Nice to be able to connect the dots.


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