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jim 01-11-11 09:52 PM

my national portrait gallery entry
i'm entering the national gallery's outwin boochever portrait competition again this year, and hope to be as swiftly rejected as i was last time.

i chose the wife for my portrait, and made her look like medusa, and used both egg tempera and encaustic in various parts of the painting. she's very happy with the result.

here's the story and loads of pictures, most of them egg tempera

we haven't a chance in hell of winning, but we think they'll remember the painting.

vermillion9 01-11-11 10:40 PM

Fabulous! Do you have a YouTube clip of the painting and people hopping back and forth in front of it trying to see both images at once? I'd love to see that.

mona 04-11-11 03:45 PM

My national portrait gallery entry
Jim, the Smithsonian and it's audience both will miss out if they don't include this wonderful painting! I was interested to read about your process in creating this unusual piece on your blog, and the personal significance it has for you and your wife. The theme of Medusa also receives added depth from your interpretation. You never fail to inspire me, and I love your posts!

thanks so much for sharing this,

PhilS 04-11-11 05:44 PM

I think we forum members should band together an do an "Occupy Smithsonian" until they accept your entry.
Nice job. We're rooting for you.

Bumpkinboy 10-02-12 01:41 AM

I am forever amazed at how much more creative so many artists are than I am. In a zillion years I wouldn't have thought of doing something so daring and wild. Actually I would never even attempt a portrait - I'm just no good at it. At all.

Plus, I am a totally and completely lazy lazy artist - slam, bam, I want it DONE. So I read your whole article, and am just in awe of all the work that you put into 'getting it right' - sketches, pastels, various poses, etc.

Great work, Jim! I doubt that the stiffs at the National Gallery will appreciate it, but ... one never knows. I hope they surprise both of us!

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