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janewt 14-11-12 08:09 PM

First ET Portrait
This is my first portrait in ET and second ever ET painting. I did it under the tutelage of the excellent teacher, Koo Schadler, during a workshop at her studio. It is not quite finished. I plan to clean up a few things, and do some more work on the tomato, hand, hair and T-shirt. But I feel the face is 98% done. I would love any suggestions any of you have. Thanks!

Salamander 15-11-12 02:42 AM

Very nicely done!!

janewt 15-11-12 03:38 AM

Thank you!:smile:

PhilS 15-11-12 06:28 PM

Wow! I'm impressed Jane! Beautiful skin tones, nice composition. If this is your first portrait, you're off to a great start...
One thing I've found fun to do with portraits is to do the underpainting in a cool color (i.s. India ink), then glaze the skin tones very thinly over it. Don't go too dark with the first layer or it will become muddy. I suspect Andrew Wyeth did this in his portrait of Helga (with the sweater). You can almost see the blood just beneath the skin. In areas where you want bright skin tones, such as the cheeks, you may not use any India ink at all.
Just a suggestion.

janewt 15-11-12 11:47 PM

Thanks, Phil. I welcome all suggestions. I've been looking at your work. It is stunning. What technique do you use to get those smooth gradations of color? I learned a sponging technique followed by transparent and translucent brush work from Koo Schadler. I am eager to have as many "tools" in my tool box as possible!


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