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arbrador 20-05-17 02:28 PM

Question about Koo Schadler's book - 2015 edition
Hi Koo,
I have the 2005 version of your book, "A Comprehensive Guide to Painting in Egg Tempera." I notice that you send out updates of new chapters which is extremely generous of you!

i'm ready to buy a newer version of your book but I'm wondering how often you incorporate the new chapters into the most recent edition of the book.

On your website it says, "Many appendices, including six new ones added in 2015."

Any idea when the next edition will come out? If not soon I plan to order the 2015 version soon. Every time I read the book I'm reminded of so many pearls of knowledge!

Thank you,


Koo Schadler 24-05-17 03:37 PM

Hello Lora,

Ahhh, my book. It's a puzzle to me, how to properly edit it. I am always getting ideas for amendments or additions (in part thanks to comments like your other posts today), and so the text continues to change. It doesn't happen on any schedule; I fit in rewrites when I can, amidst my primary jobs of painting and teaching. If it's a major change (a new chapter added, or a consequential shift in thinking), I send out it out to my mailing list.

I need also to update my website; technically, the book descriptor should read "re-written winter 2017" - but, between you and me and the wallpaper, I get very tired of endless computer work, particularly as I get older and need, long for more painting time. Certain jobs get relegated to the bottom of the "to-do" list and don't happen in a timely fashion. If this sounds lame, my apologies - but I suspect many of you reading this know of what I speak; trying to keep up in this age of endless opportunities is impossible. Suffice to say that anyone who orders my book gets the latest version, the best I have to offer at that time - but the text will likely change again at some point in the future. Rather than not offer the book at all, waiting for a moment when it's complete, which I don't ever quite anticipate, I offer it in an ever changing but hopefully ever improving form.

But back to your original question. The latest edition was written in April 2017. It's about double the length of your 2005 version. As always, I welcome comments, suggestions and corrections to the text (but be forewarned - that means it will change again!).


arbrador 26-05-17 03:36 AM

I just ordered my new copy - I deserve one after 12 years! It occurred to me that you could sell it in binder format so that we could add sheets as you send out new chapters. And we could also insert our own notes, for example, if we fill out one of your gesso-making templates we could file it in the binder. But I'm not really serious about that.

Anyway, can't wait to get my new edition!


vermillion9 09-07-17 11:54 PM

Oohhh, a binder format, even if I have to provide my own binder, would be really useful to me. I suppose I could just rip out the pages in my current copy and punch holes....hmmmm....

arbrador 13-07-17 01:32 AM

looseleaf binder for Koo's book
Hey Vermillion~ why don't you try that and let us know how it works for you. I just checked my copy and it looks like there is enough room for hole punches. Actually you could take it to a copy place where they can probably cut the pages all at once in one of their fancy machines. But that might be pricey. Let us know how it goes if you do try it:)

Lora Arbrador

vermillion9 04-08-17 05:07 PM

Lora, there is, overall, plenty of room to punch holes. A few of the pages that have sample paintings were compromised but not much. It's very minor. I just ripped out the pages and used scissors to trim. Took less than an hour and that included the updates Koo recently sent out. It's great. I can't wait to buy tabbed dividers which will make finding specific sections a lot easier. Now, my awesome book of Koo-Schadler-awesomeness is even more awesome!! :smile:

Koo Schadler 04-08-17 06:06 PM

Oh lordy Salamander you are very sweet and I am totally impressed by your organizational abilities but I am definitely embarrassed too... so please, very dear readers, no more about the book! In fact I'm going to create a new post to distract from this one. (-:


MBergt 04-08-17 07:40 PM

I recently ordered and read the updated version of Koo's book. Simply the best, most comprehensive treatise on the subject of egg tempera painting. Not simply one painter's point of view, but someone who cares about the science and history deeply.

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