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arbrador 12-10-17 04:35 AM

Technical Tempera Conference in Munich 3/18
Hi All~
I came across this announcement for a technical tempera conference taking place in Munich in March of 2018. It looks amazing! Is anyone going ?

This link lists all the workshops and much much more.

Truly exciting!!!

~Lora Arbrador

Koo Schadler 13-10-17 06:58 PM

Looks fascinating Lora, wish I could go but it's not in my plans. Thanks or bringing it to the Forum's attention, and if anyone manages to attend, please report back!


arbrador 16-10-17 03:28 AM

Here is a link to the abstracts for all of the lectures.

It seems to me a lot of the discussion will be about mixed oil and egg techniques—a topic that pops up frequently on the forum.

The 3 day conference includes a day of workshops. Here is the link to the workshops:

Of course the conference includes a Bavarian feast one night!

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