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Richard 26-06-03 08:13 PM

Spinel Black
Hello all, anyone used/using Spinel Black? What do you think of it? I can find it listed in the catalogues where it sounds very attractive but have not read any accounts of how it works in practice.

hisstah 03-07-03 10:54 PM

Spinel Black
I've not used it--it appears, based on the MSDS information, to be a fairly safe, stable pigment. It's a copper/iron/chrome based pigment and from its described morphology will likely seem to be rather matte when used as a pigment. Give it a try and good luck!

T. Newson 14-07-03 08:55 PM

Spinel Black
I have used spinel black and like it. It is very very black, no brown cast to it as with Mars black. Its consistancy in egg is nice and smooth. If you want a dense solid black, use spinel.

I can't remmber if it's mentioned in Pip Seymour's book or not ("A short book about oil painting" -- carried by Sinopia). That book has alot of good info on pigments manifactured by Kremer.

Anonymous 19-09-03 07:27 PM

Spinel Black
I used spinel black recently for a painting which had a very dark background with an extremely narrow value range variation. At this
range the black was beautiful,without any observable tendency towards
any one hue, but when mixed with a small amount of white, it was evident
that there was a slight tendency towards the bluish. Later, I tried mixing
spinel black with yellow ochre and it made an ugly green. As mentioned,
it is an intense pigment with a smooth quality that makes it an easy pigment to handle.

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