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Alessandra Kelley 23-06-03 10:29 PM

Please clarify this for me.

Is egg tempera actually flexible enough to paint on paper or canvas? For the long term?

RobM 24-07-03 10:16 PM

I maintain that pure egg tempera paint is flexible enough to paint on paper. I have done it and years down the line it has not cracked or fallen off.
On paper, I did not use gesso which is considered to be the inflexible component. Likewise with canvas. I have examined paintings done on canvas early in the last century. Some displayed cracks (apparently in the gesso) some did not.
Your question refers to long time!
If the paper or canvas can be kept rigid then I can see no problems, however if there is a likelihood that the canvas or paper is rolled or allowed to flex to any great extent I would not entirely guarantee that work.
To sum up the general concensus of many opinions of the forums past and present.
ET paint is relatively flexible, gesso is indeed less flexible. Canvas or paper should be attached to a rigid support if gesso is to be applied.

hisstah 24-07-03 11:21 PM

I agree with Rob completely--if the paper is kept attached to a solid support you have a very good chance of long term survival of your work. This is true of oil paint as well. Stable environmental conditions help a lot, too. :) Best wishes to you!

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