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LaurieO 01-10-03 04:42 AM

Naple yellow substitute?
Hi all- Sennelier tube egg tempera comes in Naples yellow - can anyone tell me what natural pigment (s) is/are close to this color, if any? It's a cool light yellow.


Cape Cod, MA USA

hisstah 03-10-03 03:15 AM

Hi LaurieO,

I would suggest mixing zinc white, cad yellow (try light and medium and see what you prefer) and a little Venetian red to get a color approximating naples yellow. You can also try mixing white with a yellow ocher, if you don't want to use cad yellow. It'll be a bit warm though. Real naples yellow is lead antimoniate. Good luck!

LaurieO 03-10-03 09:20 AM

Hi Lorraine- thanks - the yellow ochre and white doesn't do it (for me), but I will try the other combination. Thanks!


Dennis H 03-10-03 12:58 PM

Hi Laurie,
Try Williamsburg Paints. Besides oils in tubes, they also sell the pigments they use to make them. They have a single pigment "Naples" yellow called Naples Yellow Italian. (Chrome Titanate)
See: http://www.williamsburgoilpaint.bizl...owpigments.htm


LaurieO 03-10-03 07:49 PM

Hi Dennis - thanks, I'll go check that out. It would be much easier (for color consistency) to buy it that way, instead of mixing it.


PS- Dennis- great website that is! They even have quinacridone dry pigments! Thanks.

Salamander 04-10-03 01:48 AM

Hey Laurie,
Here is the Kremer source for 'Naples Yellow' :

I hope that this helps...(as I explored, they are having a special on this pigment)
Eric in oceanside, ca

LaurieO 04-10-03 02:08 PM

Hi Eric- thanks, that is a good price- I forgot to check Kremer -

Thanks again.


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