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admin 23-11-07 04:09 PM

Flowers in Tempera
The second in the series...........

Cheryle 25-01-10 01:26 PM

Flowers in Tempera
The selections are very beautiful and uplifting.
The colors are especially pleasing in winter
when the leaves on the trees and natural flowers
here on Block Island, RI are preparing for "Spring

sandyewillson 19-02-10 10:28 AM


Originally Posted by admin (Post 2961)

Wow, really amazing arts,,,,there is no words to say about that posts,,,

mathhhausin 10-03-10 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by admin (Post 2961)

Wow! beautiful...Really you done a great collection ...Thanks for sharing such a nice paintings ...

Alessandra Kelley 18-03-10 07:33 PM

It's stunning work. I continue to be delighted and inspired by the range and quality of the art by the people on this forum.

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