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extraordinegg 14-12-07 02:48 PM

Here it is...
Here it is-my first complete egg tempera painting. This one is particularly experimental for me, being more about color expression than my usual, more conservative oeuvre. I welcome all criticism-especially the bad stuff!

RobM 14-12-07 07:31 PM

This is a stunning piece of work..........unlike the usual ET genre and I am 100% for that (as many will know)..........sorry.......but no 'bad stuff' from me........purely art...........whatever the medium..............just love it.......well done David.................let's see some more.............

Salamander 14-12-07 11:46 PM

Your work is stunning. I checked out your site. I love the secular use of the et medium. I really like what you have intentioned here. There are some lines that need to be softened in the eye of my monitor. Beautiful job however and please keep up the good work.
e in oside

ps. check out >

sabine 21-12-07 09:46 AM

I really like it. The composition, the contre-jour, the blue in the background, the body shape.

I wonder which dimensions it is and wether it is "pure" egg tempera?

extraordinegg 27-12-07 12:47 PM

Thank you for all of your feedback. This painting was executed with pure egg tempera; the only exception to that is that I substituted white gouache in places, for no specific reason. I will look at some of the lines again.
Thank you!

Rosemary 28-12-07 03:21 PM

Wonderful composition and I love the sense of mystery. Wet titanium dioxide with a bit of alcohol before adding a drop of water to help get really dense yet paintable white with the egg yolk. Also preplan that the white will get whiter as the yolk bleaches. This may be why you instinctively used white gouache. I would put some egg yolk water over the gouache to blend it into the rest of the ET so it would not be water soluable at some later date. This is a keeper!

extraordinegg 29-12-07 06:09 PM

Thank you, Rosemary. The egg yolk water sounds like a good suggestion.

ms wings 24-02-10 01:20 AM

I get a box with a red x in it and wonder what I need to do to see this and sometimes my own pictures.
Joanne (aka ms wings)

RobM 24-02-10 04:30 PM

He has obviously removed the image.

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