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mona 26-01-08 10:42 AM

Mona Diane Conner
(Please see 4 other paintings of mine as replies under RobM's thread with my name; I did not start a separate thread at first, sorry)

"Amma's Eyes"
egg tempera and gold leaf on Kelmscott Vellum
1 3/8"W x 1 3/4"H
Venetian glass mosaic frame
(miniature eye portrait of a living Indian avatar,
Amritanandmayi Ma)

Mona Diane Conner

RobM 26-01-08 05:56 PM

Now that is small!!!!....Superbly done.
If you want to post your other 4 paintings as separate threads then by all means do so and I'll delete the the misplaced one. xx

jpohl 08-02-08 11:35 PM

so beautiful, and what a gorgeous frame.. i've thought of pastel on vellum but never egg tempera. can't wait to see the others. where did you get the frame?

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