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Salamander 17-02-08 02:09 AM

Valentine cards
6X8 et on paper

I hope this works,..... thanks for looking

sabine 18-02-08 05:27 PM

I don't see anything!

Salamander 19-02-08 03:22 PM

Rob, do you know why sabine can't see the post?

RobM 19-02-08 04:09 PM

Eric, I don't think you can cross link to info in another forum if the forum forbids it......By the looks of it Cennini forums require you to login in before accessing such data.
Best to host paintings on one of the many freebie sites out there as outlined in my first post in the following thread...

Salamander 20-02-08 01:31 AM

I am registered at cennini is probably why I could see them.
I tried again, this time linking them to my blog.
Thanks for your help Rob,

Salamander 20-02-08 03:45 PM

I tried it again from photobucket.

PhilS 20-02-08 07:34 PM

Still no images, Salamander...?
Looking forward to seeing them...

RobM 20-02-08 08:11 PM

The [img] tags just don't seem to work, I've removed them from Eric's should now be able to pick up the links now............hey ho, the wonders of the internet!!!!

Dennis H 20-02-08 08:43 PM

I still get no images, just generic placeholders.
But, when it was first posted, I followed the link that he included at the bottom of the message, and saw the paintings there on the blogspot site.
Nice work, Sal...

sabine 25-02-08 11:32 AM


I went to see your blog, the Valentine's cards arn't my favourites, but I do like your flowers, especially the carnivor one ;)

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