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seosamh o' cinneide 18-02-08 01:10 PM

Hi all
Hi, all artists and painters, I have just discovered painting with tempera
Thanks. But as a newcomer, I am only learning and open to inspiration and suggestions from felow members.


RobM 18-02-08 03:42 PM

Welcome to our forums.......just ask us the questions ......;)

PhilS 20-02-08 02:24 PM

Hello Seosamh,
(How do you pronounce your name...?)
Glad you joined the forum. I was in Ireland a few years ago. Have been wanting to get back ever since. It's a beautiful country. Post some pics as soon as you have some!

jpohl 28-02-08 07:24 PM

what a lovely name! just thinking of Ireland makes me think of the colour green and lowers my heart rate.. we tend to crave green especially around this time of year up in the great white north. Are you doing landscapes? Welcome. I'm just getting started as well... jp

jim 12-03-08 11:20 AM

welcome. what part of ireland are you living in? we're just about to come over for my sister's wedding in connemara, and i'm trying for a residency at cil rialaig down in kerry. are you in dublin?

Fergus Ryan 16-09-16 05:04 PM

His name is the Irish language version of Joseph Kennedy. It's pronounced roughly Shosiv o Kin-ay-ideh

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