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Arhistratig 10-06-08 05:11 PM

Icon painting in progress
The work upon St. Andrew The Tribune has begun. Step by step images.

RobM 11-06-08 07:50 AM

Looking that is a super panel!!
Like the view from your studio........

PhilS 11-06-08 11:41 AM

Beautiful work Arhistratig.

I have always loved that moment when I am about to put on the first brushstroke (in your case, the gold leaf). Magical!

Looking forward to following your progress.


Arhistratig 14-06-08 09:33 PM

Thank you, now updated.

RobM 16-06-08 04:51 PM

Still following the progress.........thanks for sharing.

mona 20-06-08 06:39 AM

icon painting in progress
The icons in your studio's gallery are stunningly beautiful. May we know more about where the studio is located, and how many icon painters work there, and in what way do you share the work done on each icon? Mention was made that after other work is done, the icon passes to the one who paints heads, for example. I have not heard previously of group efforts on icons other than very large ones. Is this a tradition?

Thank you for sharing this wonderful work with us on the forum.

Dimitris C. Milionis 24-09-08 09:23 PM

any new work from your studio?

Arhistratig 22-10-08 10:54 AM

Hallo everybody, thanks for warm words.
Been a hard time working, so there are some updates and more still coming.
We live in good old town of Tallinn in Estonia by the Baltic sea. Our workshop sterted about 15 years ago. We also work on icon and painting restauration, right now there are five of us.
Working stage by stage passing each operation to another is the main medieval principle of craft either in Europe so in Russia. The work is passed continuously through carpenter, gesso maker, gilder and then to painters. Sometimes, in case of small or uncomplicated work, somebody can combine duties.
I should write an article on this on my website in the "Iconpainting" division.

Maria Emile 13-07-09 05:30 AM

Thats Cool!!!!
hi all

I have looked the icon on which you were working looks cool if you need more help you can go through [font=&quot]] Painting Business & Paintings Suppliers| i have found this link really helpful when i was designing the icons and searching for thier color combinations.


Maria Emile

Cheryle 25-01-10 02:17 PM

Icon painting in progress
Thank you for this beautiful demonstration of icon painting.
I am working on a commissioned painting of a "Corporate
Angel" and can't decide if I should start from scratch and
make a new icon of a modern day angel that people of
different faiths can view and appreciate.
Any suggestions?:phew:

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