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izzi 28-02-05 11:58 AM

storing pigment as paste
I was just reading through the 'how to' guide on the website, and I see it says the pigment should be mixed with water to become a stiff paste before mixing this paste with the egg. I know the egg tempera paint cannot be stored (you make as much as you need to paint with) but what about the water/pigment paste? Do I make that up in a very small quantity as well or can I make it in a larger amount and store it? If it dries out will it just revert back to powder pigment again?

PhilS 28-02-05 08:04 PM

Most of my pigments re-wet very easily, but to be honest with you if they dry up I usually just throw them out and mix up some more paste. The pigments I use (mostly earth pigments) are so inexpensive, I don't bother trying to rescue dried ones.

Bert Congdon 28-02-05 09:25 PM

Storing pigment paste
I have a problem with pigments drying out. I bought two different kinds of jars and they both let water evaporate. I can tell you that if the jar has cardboard in the top, the water will wick out. I have been opening all my jars and adding water. Some dried hard, and I reworked problem, but another problem I had was mold. So, to the water I used, I added a bacteriastat (Preventol from Kremer along with Oxgall for a wetting agent). I still have the drying problem. I am considering putting the pigment paste in the little snap cap containers that 35mm film comes in. I still have all of my pigments, and some were mulled years ago. Bert

turlogh 01-03-05 01:16 AM

Every week or so I open all my jars and add water as needed.

Alessandra Kelley 09-03-05 08:59 PM

The very best jars I have found for pigment storage are baby food jars. They have a sort of built-in plastic/rubber seal under the lid that makes them absolutely airtight.

If you don't have/know a baby producing empty jars, gird your loins and brave a little snacking. Boil the jars before use, of course.

I have jars of pigment that have lasted for 16 years without needing any extra water added.

artespir 11-03-05 10:06 AM

Storing pigment paste
I find useful the "beker type" glass jar (chemical laboratory supply), tranparent, useful to choose the color, and graduate (sizes disponibility from 25 to 1000 ml). To mantain the pigment wet i use distilled water, eventually added with alcool, the pigment naturally must remain totally covered with water.
This is obviusly the "studio" equipment, in winter time (in Italia) is not necessary add water frequently, in summer time is better to equipe jars whith cork stoppers to avoid fast evaporation.
By, Claudio

izzi 15-03-05 01:02 AM

thanks for the info :) I had always assumed pigment was always just stored as powder and mixed as needed, I guess I've been wrong about that! I shall have to find myself some jars...

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