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edwardianhostes 08-12-08 02:36 PM

Hello everyone!

I used to be a member under the name pinelopi, but somehow lost the way to the internet! Anyway, glad to be back!

Basically I have remained in the icon tradition, without having done much work lately. Starting again though! This forum is an inspiration for me.

RobM 09-12-08 04:42 PM

Welcome back.........:smile:

edwardianhostes 09-12-08 06:59 PM

Thanks RobM. By the way, your art is a big part of why this forum is inspiring!

edwardianhostes 09-04-13 08:15 AM

After quite sometime I came back. For reasons completely unrelated to art I haven't been doing much painting. In fact, none at all.

Now it's time to go back to the things I really want to do, art being no 1 in my list.

Egg tempera (and/or pigments with acrylic binder) is my favourite medium, very traditional and modern all at once. I don't have to tell any of you the charms of ET, however the fast drying time combined with the enamel finish is my own reason to love it.

It's been too long, so I am trying to make a "studio" for myself. Maybe be a bit more organized than before.

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