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mona 14-03-09 08:14 PM

ETs in Progressive Steps on my Blogs
Just wanted to share that I am running two painting blogs these days where I am posting ETs in progress in an ongoing way: Grander Joy of Spirit in Portraiture (, and The Ruby Slippers (

If you have any time to post an occasional comment directly on either of my blogs, I truly appreciate it. It adds to what I am sharing there, and surrounds my efforts at low-key sales of studies to receive comments from ET colleagues. My thanks to those who have already posted several comments on the miniature blog.

Dimitris C. Milionis 07-01-11 07:45 PM

your "framed, shell-tri... " I really liked this little item, and the rest of your work, especially Archangel Michael

mona 31-03-11 10:12 PM

ETs in Progressive Steps on my Blogs
Dimitris, thanks! So sorry for missing your comment earlier; just haven't been getting over here as often as I would like to.


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