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mona 10-06-09 08:07 AM

Eye Portraits in Miniature, in egg tempera
There is a unique and romantic lost art with an interesting history that I enjoy very much in miniature painting, of painting the "eye portrait" of a loved one to place in a pendant necklace, brooch, ring, or cufflinks.

At the encouragement of a few colleagues, and to see if others may share my interest in reviving this art form, I have just started a new blog showing the eye portraits I am painting and offering the possibility of commissions. Hopefully there will be more to see as it goes forward. Since I am painting these in egg tempera on vellum, here is the blog link to see the eye portraits so far:

mona 10-06-09 08:12 AM

Eye Portraits in Miniature
Sorry, thought I followed the directions for posting via a link, but something went wrong. Here is the address itself for my "Eye Portraits in Miniature" blog:

Matt Leahy 30-07-09 07:03 PM

I've been interested in miniature portraits for quite a while, but have never used tempera. I painted an eye portrait and inset it into a tie tack a few years ago. I'll have to dive back into the genre, thanks for posting.

Alessandra Kelley 31-08-09 03:39 PM

They are fascinating, in a slightly creepy sort of way. It's a very personal sort of portrait. Your loved ones would certainly know it was you. But it also looks a bit like this otherworldly person peering in at the real world.

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