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lindapaul 16-10-09 06:55 PM

New egg tempera bas-relief sculpted painitng in progress
I am working on a new egg tempera artwork of sculpted autumn leaves

Here is a link to the painting in progress from a rough sketch onward

I have a very unique technique when it comes to egg tempera painting. I learned egg tempera on my own and never studied the few books that are out there on it. When you don't know the rules, you are free to break them.

MatG 20-10-09 02:56 PM

Can you briefly describe the process of sculpting? Are you carving into a thick coating of gesso, or are the relief items applied? If the latter, what are they sculpted from, and what do you use to adhere them to the board?
I've wanted to incorporate some bas-relief work for some time. "UBI" helpfully provided me with a link to the full text of a book by Thompson, which suggests a few methods for "pastiglia," including glue mixed with plaster of paris for castings, or gessoed wood carvings glued with cabinetmaker's hide glue. It also suggests applying the molding first, then gessoing it together with the panel.
Frankly, I'd appreciate a different description from someone with experience before I battle with glues and bubbling gesso.
The work is looking nice, by the way. Very attractive scultpting.

lindapaul 20-10-09 07:04 PM

bas-relief sculpting
Hi matG
I create my bas-relief effect by applying a mixture of plaster and glue to a "toothy" gessoed board. You mix plaster with water until the consistancy of runny icing, then add white glue. the glue adheres the relief to the gessoed board. you only have a short working times as it sets quite fast. Its a lots of small batches. I have experimented and developed this process over a period of 15 years.

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