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zarina 24-08-05 05:27 PM

Potential cracking problems
Another question - new to forum so making most of some of the expertise available!

I am painting with ET on large panels, with fairly large sweeps of the brush (big brushes!) in broad areas on gessoed panels. I hope I am following most of the rules with ET application (!) but paint may in certain instances be more heavily applied, & possibly quite egg rich in places, simply because of the larger quantities I am mixing up .... I may be breaking a few rules inadvertently here. What are the dangers of cracking as the egg dries/cures? If cracks are to appear, will they appear sooner or in months to come? Thompson said something about 3-4 months I think, but has anyone any lessons to share on this one? Am I safe to sell my work after 3 months or so of completing a painting as above?? My earliest panels are now aprox 6 months old & show no signs of damage yet.

Alessandra Kelley 15-09-05 05:44 PM

Boy, you're really going to have to watch out for the thick paint. I had some areas on early paintings with thicker, egg-rich paint, and it did crack. I only noticed it after a few years, but it could have happened earlier.

Even if you are working with larger quantities of paint, I think if you are careful to smoothly mix the paint before using it you shouldn't have any areas that are richer either in egg or in pigment.

Congratulations on pushing the bounds of the medium, and good luck.

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