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ms wings 10-02-10 01:48 AM

Joanne says helo
I thought I was alone in my small world of egg tempera. When I was taking a community college course in design the Chisese instructor had us paint in student-grade tempora p aint - not the powdered kind in the big jars. He said if we learned to paint in tempora we'd be able to paint in anything. For one of my projects found the Chineese used powdered pigments from nature and egg yolk which not only became a wonderfully flowing medium for their pigments but also a protector. I am happily married, 2 children and disabled. My best pieces in that class were egg tempora and made the highest grades in the class. I feel so blessed to find you. Joanne (aka ms wings)

AlexGarcia 10-02-10 03:14 AM

Welcome and what a neat story. Thank you for sharing.

PhilS 10-02-10 04:08 PM

Welcome ms wings.
Yes, if you learn to paint in tempera, you can paint in anything! Of all the classes I've taught over the years, only a handful of students have stuck it out and are continuing with ET.
Let us know your progress.

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