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ms wings 21-02-10 08:59 AM

Lady in the fishbowl
Thank you all for any and all critiques you may have for me both in egg tempera, and art in general.

Joanne (aka ms wings)

JeffG 21-02-10 03:09 PM

I think the concept and design is quite charming and inventive.

What size is it?

ms wings 21-02-10 10:35 PM

Hi Jeff, thank you for your thoughts. The painting is actually. 22cm by 28cm width. It is actually in slight landscape format. This photo, taken with
my iPhone camera was the best shot I took (sad, I know). It was the only one that included all the fish and fern. The actual size shows just a bit more of her hair and background. I plan on a better shot with my Canon digital and will post that when I do.

mona 04-04-10 08:41 PM

Lady in the fishbowl
Joanne, I really like the flowing shapes of the fish, and the composition in this (I know you mentioned there is a little more not visible here too).

Maybe consider softening the girl's face, and toning down the white of her eyes and teeth (a little bluish cast perhaps) to push her back and the fish forward in space more.

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