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briancorll 03-03-10 04:17 PM

Brian Corll
Hello all,
I'm Brian Corll. I began painting at the age of 14 (some 44 years ago), then chucked it all for photography. After 28 years of photography (and 28 years of software development), I've put the cameras on the shelf for the time being and I'm back to painting. One thing I've never tried is egg tempera, so here I am. I have my degree in Art History from Vassar, where I had a special interest in the Northern Renaissance painters as well as the 17th-century Dutch painters.

I'm currently making my own gesso panels, with some good advice from my old freshman year roommate, Peter Arguimbau, who not only makes his own gesso but also his own panels as well as, of course, his own paint. I'm experimenting with many different facets of egg-painting (using dry pigments, watercolors, an egg-oil emulsion with gum arabic instead of damar, etc.) and I am getting my "hand" back slowly. Time for a real painting to get underway ! I'm hoping to make some good contacts here as well as learn a lot and contribute what I can.

Best Regards,
Brian Corll

Wow - I was just looking at some of the work done by the forum participants - I am *way* behind the 8-ball !

RobM 03-03-10 05:11 PM

Hi Brian,
Welcome to our forums.
All the regulars on here are a friendly bunch and have a wealth of knowledge which they will share.

I am *way* behind the 8-ball !

I'm sure you will catch up.....:)
Bye for now

PhilS 03-03-10 05:18 PM

Looking forward to getting to know you, Brian. Welcome!

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