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llawrence 08-03-10 02:37 PM

First egg tempera
Here it is, my first attempt in egg tempera, a verdaccio in terre verte and titanium white over an India ink drawing. I like the medium a lot, even after only this one go at it. This one is rather unfinished, but this newbie would appreciate any advice or suggestions from any of the fine artists here...

Alessandra Kelley 09-03-10 03:22 PM

Mm, nice, very watercolor-y.

Obviously you have an excellent hand at composition and light. Tempera can add a lot of depth and color, although I have to say that this work is very nice as it is.

Good luck, and keep experimenting.

llawrence 09-03-10 11:30 PM

Thank you - I will definitely be experimenting more with color - though I'll probably do another mono or two to kind of get the hang of the medium first. So far I'm treating it kind of like gouache, but using more layers to build up the image. It's a fun medium.

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