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llawrence 11-03-10 10:48 PM

Second egg tempera study
Crossposted to the Wet Canvas forum. I hope you all don't mind me posting a few of these up here until I've gotten my feet wet in the medium (interesting visual there...). I'm enjoying myself and excited at the possibilities.

PhilS 12-03-10 03:04 PM

Hi llawrence,
Thanks for posting your two ETs. They're beautifully rendered and have a wonderful looseness to them. You may be a newbie in tempera, but you obviously are an accomplished artist.
In my opinion, these paintings aren't quite utilizing the properties of egg tempera yet. Where ET really shines is in the layering. You might try mixing up a batch of skin tones and thinly—carefully—applying them over the warm brown underpainting colors you have laid down. You want to carry it just far enough that the brown tones disappear, but still interact with the flesh tones. For skin, I use a mix of yellow, red, green and titanium white. The yellow is a combination of cadmium yellow and yellow ochre. The red is either an earth red or cadmium red, depending on the intensity I want. The green is chromium oxide (used very sparingly). Other artists use different colors. (Applying terra verte is a traditional method to tone down an underpainting prior to applying flesh tones.) You might want to check out Fred Wessel's website. He goes into great detail about portraiture. At any rate, if you are in the mood for experimenting, this would be a start.
In real estate, it's location, location, location. In egg tempera, it's layering, layering, layering!
On the other hand, the two paintings are fine just the way they are.
Keep us posted on your progress.

llawrence 12-03-10 04:22 PM

Hi Phil - thank you for the excellent feedback. I do like to throw the paint around, but that might not get the best effect from egg tempera. I will try to slow myself down a bit. I've looked at Wessel's site, and he does make some wonderful paintings.

I'm using limited palettes to begin with as I introduce myself to the new medium; next will be a verdaccio of raw umber, vine black and titanium white. After that I will attempt a Zorn palette, and finally add greens and blues back in. I will try painting in thinner layers for this next one. Thanks!

mona 01-04-10 05:08 AM

Second egg tempera study
Nice work, and you are pointing out by example the wisdom of beginning with a limited palette and working your way toward color because it allows for a clear exploration of how the paint lays on translucently with egg tempera.

llawrence 02-04-10 02:35 AM

Thank you mona - I was working on a grisaille (this one isn't turning out so well), but I'm looking forward to trying a wider palette soon.

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