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Alessandra Kelley 23-06-10 09:41 PM

Pulp cover pastiche
I painted this tempera recently for the Chicago in 2012 World Science Fiction Convention Bid. The bid committee is commissioning Chicago-area science fiction authors to write pulp-pastiche stories and artists to create covers for them. They are given away to people who pay to support their bid. Some of the stories are also posted online.

I enjoyed putting a number of Chicago-specific references in this.

Credit my husband for the magazine title idea, and my daughter for the name of the article inside (there is no actual article, it's all part of the joke).

Although they haven't posted this cover online yet, others (and another of mine but in acrylics) can be seen at

Alessandra Kelley 08-07-10 05:41 PM

I'm sorry, I messed up the path while updating my website. Here's the picture again, and ... really, does anyone hate it? Like it? Feel vaguely amused?

mona 22-07-10 12:18 PM

Pulp cover pastiche
Alessandra, this is pretty cool!! Love the flaming steer too!

I see it's been awfully quiet around the forum lately.


Salamander 24-07-10 04:02 AM

Way too quiet

Alessandra Kelley 06-08-10 04:08 PM

Thanks. I realize I didn't actually show the title lettering -- The magazine is titled "Chi-Fi" and the fake article listed is called "Spicy McCormick Tales: Don't Fear the Reaper".

Oh, er ... and that's a cow, not a steer. Reference to Mrs. O'Leary as well as King Kong.

The building is the Carbide and Carbon Building, a 1929 Art Deco gem, and the one that just shows below is the Mather Tower, another 1929 and the narrowest skyscraper in Chicago. The Wrigley Building would be just out of the bottom of the picture.

The airplane is a Curtis Jenny in the collection of the Museum of Science and Industry. It hangs upside-down from the ceiling not four blocks from my home.

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