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Bron 22-10-10 10:13 PM

Just joined the forums. I'm mostly a carver and gilder, but I've painted most of my life. Watercolor, then about 25 years ago I started egg tempera after reading about Reginald Marsh's problems with oils which mirrored my own. Love the smell and butteriness (is that a word?) of oils, but they rather instantly turn to mud in my hands. Egg tempera, from the first egg, has been a wonderment to me, very quickly developing a "feel" for the the medium.

I paint on traditional gesso, on hardboard panels, that I prepare myself, though I do want to try some of the commercial panels. I use a combination of traditional and nontraditional techniques, and revel in the random, "flying with out instruments" quality of the medium. Very much like gilding, one needs to respond to what is actually happening; not a recipe. Your mileage may vary.

Alessandra Kelley 01-11-10 03:07 PM

Welcome to the boards. I love the nontraditional approaches, and I hope you find lots of useful advice here.

Steve Collins 03-05-11 06:23 PM

Small world!
It's a small world! I know you from The Grumble. Some time ago, you had replied to a request I had made for suggestions for framing stained glass. I have long since solved that problem but still remember checking out your work on your web site. I was especially intrigued by the fusion of painting and handcrafted framing that you do so well.

I wasn't aware that you worked in egg tempera. Again, small world!


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