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MatG 04-11-10 10:20 PM

Color problems
I've tried about a hundred different background color and value combinations and none of them work. I may be too attached to the window area, which was a conceptual concern, but is simply not working. Or is it?
I need some new eyes. Mostly talking about getting the window, the wall behind it, and the foreground working together.
The patterned blouse and most of the cutting board area are nearing a finished level, everything else is underpainting, except for the background, which is about 769 layers of mishmash.
Thanks in advance.

Salamander 05-11-10 01:09 PM

I have a greater problem with the yellow area than the Grey.

Rosemary 06-11-10 05:43 PM

Just an idea
This is beautifully painted so far and a very interesting composition. Fresh eyes always help me, and I hope that this helps you.

I suspect what is driving you mad is the tendency for the bright yellow to come forward while the dull purple of the shirt recedes. This makes it difficult to read the perspective of the image correctly. Try covering the yellow with your fingers or some bits of grey paper and see if it looks more like you want.

If you have Photoshop, you could experiment in Photoshop with modifying the colors to see if you can get them to sit in their proper planes. I think that if the shirt were the bright yellow and the background was the dull purple, you would be happier with the background, but that would really affect the image of the person. Perhaps playing with selecting the yellow background area and making it a grey blue would help it recede behind the purple shirt. I would not change the the color of the shirt, so much as the yellow color behind it.

If you don't have photoshop, what I often do is print off several copies of the image of the painting and work on them with colored pencil or crayons. That way I don't totally destroy a painting by experimenting on it.

Best wishes

MatG 07-02-11 09:52 PM

Long overdue thank yous for the replies.
I've had some other work that, for various reasons (ie. it pays), has taken priority over this painting.
Shooting a high-res image into Photoshop is, in fact, something I've tried, making a number of sets of hue adjustment layers (masked to target problem areas) to compare.
No decisions yet, but progress will be posted.

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