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Benlore 14-11-10 07:34 AM

Hello from Oz
Hi all,

I am new to the Egg tempera medium and am looking forward to working with it. Off to learn some tricks, at a James Waller workshop here in Melbourne Australia next weekend. Can't wait to see what kind of images manifest through this process....

Does anyone know how Andrew Wyeth painted "Christina's World'?

PhilS 15-11-10 04:15 PM

Welcome Benlore,

(Everyone will know you are a novice if you continue to spell tempera "tempura.")

Don't know much about how Wyeth painted Christina's world, except that he was unsure whether or not he liked it until he asked Christina what her favorite painting of his was. When she pointed at "Christina's World" Wyeth decided it was an OK painting. (The story goes something like that...)

Good luck with your endeavor1


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