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jpohl 31-01-11 07:08 AM

Wondering who painted this image?

I just came across this image online and couldn't figure out who painted it. I was doing a search on Emile Friant when the image turned up, but it doesn't look like the rest of the work. Just curious in case anyone knew. It almost looks like egg tempera.

all the best, jp.

p.s. and yes I am busy painting again, but it will be a while before work is documented so I can share it with anyone. I'm putting to use all the good advice I gleaned from this forum. :smile:

Alessandra Kelley 02-02-11 02:02 AM

That image looks more pre-Raphaelite than most of Friant's work. He seems more realist from what I've seen. It also looks like only part of a painting, like the top left quarter. And it looks somehow ... photographic, like a woman in front of a flat painted backdrop. Interesting, tho'.

DLH 02-02-11 10:08 PM

Hi Jennifer, It's good to find you well and painting.


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