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Hi again Camilla:

I use one quarter inch hardboard without any stretcher bars or cribbing. The panel almost always warps slightly so that the front, the side I paint on, forms a slightly concave shape. This is pretty much corrected when I frame it because all four sides are straightened out by the frame. I understand your dilemma however, if you don't want to frame your painting. I have also used weights as Rob has suggested. You would have to turn your panel face down on a table and while placing something under all four corners of the panel put a weight in the middle of the reverse side. I think you would have to put enough weight on it to actually cause the panel to temporarily bend in the other direction. If it is possible to take your stretcher bars off while you do this it might make the proceedure a lot easier. It may also take several days to correct the warping. Sorry for your problems. David :-(