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Default Trial of forum member's gallery.

Just thought that we would give this a try. It is a sub forum for members of this forum to display their works if they wish.
Just open up a new thread, title should be your name or username and then post your work.
You can either host your painting on your own web site and link to it BUT for those without a web site we suggest you use a number of image hosting sites, the majority are free!!! is a simple process of registering and uploading images from your computer to the site.....get the link and use it in the forum.
Some suggested freebie image hosts......

So how to link.........
[img]YOUR FULL LINK...http etc[/img]
NOTE!!!! the square brackets............

The few rules.........
The paintings should be in tempera in any of its forms.
The image should not exceed 800 pixels in width. (Think of those on dial up!!!!...large files, slow views!!)
You can add the title and details of the work.
We ask that no critique comments are made on member's work.. (that is reserved for the Critique Forum)....we will delete any comments!
No more than 5 images per member.
We reserve the right to remove inappropriate images and to revise the rules.....

If you have any problems then post them here on this thread along with any other comments you have on this trial gallery.
So.....let's see some of your work.
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