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Default My egg temperas to date

I did two egg temperas a number of years ago which are almost identical. I only have photographed the one. The title is "Island Moa". These are of chickens that run wild on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian islands. They are descendnts of the "MoaO (chickens) that the ancient Hawaiians brought with them to the Hawaiian islands when the first inhabited them They made the long journey all the way from Polynesia in large outrigger canoes, bringing with them the staples of life....Chickens, pigs, taro etc. This was approximately 500 years ago. When the white man arrived in his tall ships, they inadvertantly brought with them rats which soon multiplied causing much consternation. So on all the islands (except Kauai) they imported Mongoose to try to get rid of the rats. That venture was unsuccessful, however the Mongoose did wipe out the chickens. On Kauai, with no Mongoose to hunt them, these 9now wild) chickens had no natural predators and so were and still are "top of the pecking order", so to speak!

It is appropriate that my first experience using egg tempera should be of chickens and eggs! My little story i made up for my painting is this: The young hen in the foreground is showing the proud papa rooster the beginnings of her first clutch of eggs. The hen in the background has her nose "out of joint" as the first hen is stealing the limelight!

I thought that I could post a photo along with this dialogue, but apparantly not. Perhaps someone can tell me how?
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