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Default munsell colour theory

I just recently made my way over to and found a lot of great resources. I am trying to wrap my head about the munsell colour theory that is the driving force, but thought I should ask about it here in a slightly more objective environment. Are there any ET artist's working with it? Can it be a Holy Grail for realists? I was pretty inspired by a few of the artists working with it, but what do people think?

I'm still trying to determine how much of a realist, if at all, I want to be at this point... but perhaps I should fill in the gaps in my technique before I decide if I want to throw out the rulebook...

as if just getting started in egg tempera wasn't enough I know... but starting in a new medium is making rethink many of the basics. it may have been easier to fudge in oil (but you didn't hear it here. )
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