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Default cleaning an egg tempera surface

I have asked this question in the past and have received different answers. Now with a conservator looking in I would like to ask again. Lorraine: How would you recommend cleaning an egg tempera. I am talking about one that is well cured, (a few years old at least), and would like to just remove the regular dust oil etc that would have accumulated from the air. I have used a soft cloth saturated with turpentine and have gone over the painting quickly and lightly as it is laying on a table horizontally. Then I lightly went over it again with a soft dry cloth to pick up some of the turpentine then just left it to dry on its own. I seemed to get a brownish colour on the cloth with no obvious pigment colour, and I saw no change in the painting as might be the case if some pigment was dissolved. Is this a good practice?? What about alcohol for cleaning?? Which would be more effective, safer etc.?? My medium is pure egg yolk and water, no oils or preservatives.