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Default reproductions

Yesterday I was astonished to see a huge giclee (fancy word for ink jet) reproduction on canvas. The technology is advancing very fast.. it looked very much like acrylic on canvas.

My dealer refuses to carry any artist's that sell giclee prints online, and makes a point of only selling original paintings, but many museums are now carrying these reproductions. I assume this is in their gift shops.

What do people think? Is it unethical for artist's to sell these prints? Does it cheapen a serious artist's reputation? Or is the technology advancing so fast that it is a useful and tasteful marketing device?

Which company produces the best giclees? I think serious collectors would know the difference between investment in an original work that will last centuries and something to hang on a wall for a lifetime. The both probably have their place and value.

The gallery here gave me their card. They have many buyers and a lot of traffic, and as it is on the other side of the country to the gallery that has represented me so I am tempted to consider the possibility of reproductions if the numbers add up, if I produce the right image, and my dealer agrees.

I know a lot of my friends who work in print shops see "limited edition" photographic reproductions marketed as archival "prints" as somehow being unethical, and I understand the point if the public doesn't know the difference.

What do people think?

ethical or not? good business? I'm not sure if it would even be cost effective, but it is tempting.

all the best, jp
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